Hot cross buns...yay or nay?

March 22, 2018

Hot cross buns have become a bit of a contentious issue around the traps. I'm pretty sure they started to appear in the supermarkets before New Years day. I remember the uproar on Facebook. People were horrified!

A hot cross bun is meant to be a symbol of the death of Jesus on the cross (hence the cross) at Easter. Many Christians feel that these delicious little buns of joy should be kept to the time of Easter. Many people who don't identify as Christians feel the same. There is a sense from people that the commercialisation of our holiday's is getting ridiculous. That may be so. After all, how soon do we really need to have Christmas decorations before the day, or valentines day cards or even Australia Day flags! 

For me, I'm a bit different (stop nodding your head!!!). I am very happy to have hot cross buns all year round! Let's have a reminder of the cross in supermarkets every day of the year. Does it make it any less special? I doubt it. Will people stop buying them? I doubt it. If people wouldn't buy them around New Year's Day, they wouldn't sell them. In a world that sees Christianity as a bit irrelevant to their lives, a constant reminder of the cross (in a delicious way) seems pretty appropriate.

In truth, I'm really pleased to see hot cross buns in the supermarkets. 

So, hot cross buns...yay or nay? I say yay!


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