Where have I been?

October 31, 2017

Wow! It seems I disappeared off the cyberspace planet. I looked at my last post and it was two months ago!!! I could tell you that it's been because I have been really busy, or that I have had other priorities, or I've been focusing on my family, or even that there have been things I needed to do at church. They are all reasonably true. Not quite the full truth, though. The truth is that I've been really struggling recently. Since June, my mental health has slowly gotten worse. I entered into the dark. In the dark, it becomes really hard to be motivated to do pretty much anything. I remember a little while ago that I was thinking that I needed to post a blog. I had no clue what to post! I couldn't even think of anything funny to say (well, funny from my perspective anyway).

I talked a while ago about doing three things most days to help my health; exercise, something just for me and something creative. I dropped all three. Which I know is the worst thing to do. Over the last couple of months, I have been very gently (sometimes less gently) been led back to the idea that I need to do this stuff. 

I've been resisting all of it. The complication is that I have a tendency to be an "all or nothing" type of person. So I didn't want to start until I could face all of it... all at once. We all know that wasn't the best decision. In an effort to begin the process of looking after myself better, I have decided that my first step is to start blogging again. That means that I'm back!

You can look forward to more funny pages, more sermons, more deep thoughts and more of the battle against the darkness.

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