Exercise: to be or not to be

August 11, 2017

Have I ever mentioned that I really don't like exercise? In fact I would hazard a guess to say that I may even be allergic to it. Every time I do it, my face goes red, my heart rate races, I get sweaty all over and run out of breath!

Actually it's probably more of a love hate thing going on. When I look in the mirror I know I need it. When I am in the middle of exercising, I wish I wasn't there. Over the last six weeks I haven't been particularly good at getting to the gym or on my bike. Ok, ok, I'll be honest....I haven't done either for over a month! 

When I reflect on the last little while I do notice certain things about me. When I exercise, my mood does get better. When I go to the gym and work at increasing muscle mass, I do like my body a bit more. When I am on the bike....actually I never like being on the bike but it helps!

I also noticed that when I start to cancel my time slots for exercise, it's an indicator that I am beginning to focus on other things far too much. It's when work becomes busier., when I begin to put other peoples well being before my own.

Even as I write this, I feel a little bit of shame. It's not a good thing to let my own self care suffer in the name of helping other people.

But it's time....time to get back on the bike (meh) and get back to the gym. Time to fight my exercise allergy and my procrastination. It might even be time to look at what I eat (that's another blog).

I'll let you know how it goes.

Go well and see you at the gym!

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