Fleeting Happiness?

August 10, 2017

In our culture, we live a lie. It's suggested in advertising. It's even preached from many a pulpit. It feeds a base desire that lives within us.

The lie is that we must always be happy.

When you think about it, happiness is an emotion. We don't expect to live in other emotional states all the time. If we are angry all the time, we are told to get help. The same with sadness. 

Recently I have been thinking a lot about happiness. I realised that as a base expectation, I expect to always be happy. I had someone ask me to explain happiness and how we are meant to experience it in life. My analogy was like the weather. Lets say, for argument sake that happiness is sunshine and not being happy is when the clouds cover the sun. When we wake up we see the sun shining (well, for morning people anyway). We are happy. During the day, clouds come and go to cover the sun. During those moments we are not happy. 

And guess what? That's perfectly ok. In fact it's completely normal. There are times during our day that we won't be happy. There are times when other emotions are more present to us.

I recently heard that two men I really respected when I lived in Warragul, had died. The clouds came over. I was sad. Just as my sadness didn't last forever, neither does happiness. 

To live a full life we need to remember that happiness is fleeting just as other emotions. It doesn't mean we won't experience them again, because we will. The key is being present to the prevailing emotion. So let's enjoy our happy moments in life but lose the expectation that it will remain forever.

I don't believe that God intended us to be happy for ever. We are created to be so much more complex than that.

Go Well.

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