Book challenge: Moby Dick or The Whale

July 25, 2017

One of my personal challenges that I have set myself is to read 100 classic books. I have read a few already but there are so many that I haven't. My first one is Moby Dick or The White Whale by Herman Melville, published in 1851.

I don't know of another book that I have read with such a use of the English language! I haven't finished it yet so the actual book review will come later. This post is pretty much to gush about the way it was written! 

Here is a small example;

“There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness. And there is a Catskill eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces. And even if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar. ” 

Reading is a gift that we can enjoy. It's also an opportunity to challenge yourself. Give it a go. Read something that's stretches your mind It's worth the effort.

Go well.

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