That poor waitress

July 17, 2017

During the school holidays my wife and I had the opportunity to go out for a meal in Melbourne, just the two of us. We both felt like something substantial so we headed to TGIF. You can be guaranteed of a decent chunk of meat when you go there.

We both like to be friendly to the staff that serve us. That night was no different. The young lady seemed ok with a bit of banter, which suits us perfectly. After joking with her about the menu a bit, we ordered and the food came out. When she returned to take our plates I told her I had a complaint; that my fries were salty, the steak was cooked how I ordered it and that there were bones on my plate (from Catherine's ribs that I finished off for her). Well, she took a few moments to process my complaint and it looked like my "complaint" wasn't going so well. Catherine stepped in and told her that I was joking. The waitress looked very relieved and told us that she appreciated the joke but she had been trying to work out how to handle my complaint.

That's not the end of the story. She returned a few minutes later to see if we needed anything else. I asked her for a coffee. She looked at me very straight faced and replied "you do realise that it will taste a bit like coffee don't you?". Touche!

I'm not sure if we helped her to have a decent night (we had overheard others complaining about their meals) but we really hope so. I did feel sorry for her having to deal with us though!

Go well and remember to be nice to people who serve you at restaurants.

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