Be Positive

July 15, 2017

Have you ever heard that you hit what you aim for? Bike riders know it better as "you go where you look".

Have you ever tried to avoid a pothole in the road and hit it because you were looking right at it?

The same can easily be said for our outlook in life. I know I can get a bit focused on the potholes in the road of life and I don't think I am alone. I had a meeting at church on Wednesday and someone there talked about getting a list of things together that have been really positive at the church. Sounds like a simple thing doesn't it? It is but the the benefits will be huge. Looking at all the things that the church does well and is improving at is one of the most effective ways to keep realising that God is active and that good things do and will happen.

No church is perfect (it seems to be filled with imperfect people like me!) but it is a great place to join together and look to something (well, someone) bigger and better than us.

Potholes do occur but the wisdom of keeping a list of the good things, helps to be grateful and it also helps to keep our eyes off the potholes.

Go Well.

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