Laughing out loud

June 17, 2017

We all need encrouagement at some point. I thought I'd put together a few for those of us who have to preach on a Sunday. Enjoy!

  • My pastor friend put sanitary hot air hand dryers in the rest rooms at his church and after two weeks took them out. I asked him why and he confessed that they worked fine but when he went in there he saw a sign that read, 

         "For a sample of this week's sermon, push the button."

  • After the church service a little boy told the pastor, "When I grow up, I'm going to give you some money." 

         "Well, thank you," the pastor replied, "but why?" 

         "Because my daddy says you're one of the poorest preachers we've ever


  • A young couple invited their elderly preacher for Sunday dinner. While they were in the kitchen preparing the meal, the minister asked their son what they were having. 

         "Goat," the little boy replied.

         "Goat?" replied the startled man of the cloth, "Are you sure about that?"

         "Yep," said the youngster. "I heard Dad say to Mum, 'Today is just as good as   

         any to have the old goat for dinner.'"

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