Me & Depression

June 17, 2017

A little while ago I mentioned that I might share a bit about what depression looks like for me. There are a few general terms around that work pretty well. The black dog is one that does work. When I have had to describe it for myself. The best way sees to be that I feel like the world turns really slowly and that I am trying to walk through chest high mud. You get somewhere but the effort wears you down. 

Another way I have described it is to mention the movie The Incredibles. There is a scene in it that shows what I mean really well. Now, if I have my tech head hat on you should be able to click on the link below and see a short video clip of it.

In the clip you see some black sticky balls that attack Mr Incredible. Initially they don't slow him down but evenutally they overtake his ability to move. For me, that's an accurate picture of depression. You evenutally lose the ability to move.

There is help. If you think you are suffering from depression, please get help. Your GP is a great place to start. If you feel that you are in danger of harm, please contact lifeline on 13 11 14. You are also most welcome to chat with me too!

Go well.

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