Who's not tired?

June 14, 2017

"I feel well rested and full of energy" said no one ever.

One of the curses of our society is the pace that we live life. It seems that we have lost the ability to rest. When I say rest, I mean rest with very little external input. Not resting watching TV, YouTube or Netflix or listening to music but purely resting. Some people have been known to call it sleeping. Before I'm called a hypocrite I have to say I'm as bad as anyone in this area. Switching off is hard!

The truth is is that we all desperately need rest. We all desperately need more sleep. We all desperately need to unplug for a while. For those who believe in the bible, we see that God even rested as part of creating the universe. For those who don't think much of the bible, I think it's hard to argue that our bodies don't need rest. It does.

The principle of taking a rest day is important. What can you do to find some space to rest in your life?

Go well.

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