Do you give blood?

June 03, 2017

Yesterday I managed to give blood. It's the first time since March. As I sat there letting the blood drain from my body, I was also many people do this? Is it a drama to give blood? 

I thought I would give an unashamed plug for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. I'm not sure if you realise or not, if your body loses blood, it makes more! There are some restrictions to giving blood but if you rock up, they will go through it with you.

My challenge to you is to become a regular blood donor. It's relatively easy, hardly hurts and you get food and drinks afterwards! Win win!!!!

The link below should get you to the Shepparton Donor Centre website.


If you're not from Shepparton, try this one and find your local Donor Centre.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Thus ends the plug!

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